Silver Dollar Coins Fascinate Investors

May 3, 2013 0 Comments

Silver dollar coins fascinate investors looking for a cheaper coin investment than gold.  Many are betting on the hope that silver will wildly increase in value to $50 or higher.  Investors looking to buy silver dollar coins should consider The Silver American Eagles.  This is the only silver bullion coin guaranteed by the U.S. Government.

The confirmation of its weight, purity and content makes it a safe choice compared to privately minted coins.  You will have to pay a premium, but the guaranteed price of the American Eagle silver dollar coins is worth the peace of mind.

Morgan Silver Dollars were minted from 1878 to 1904 and then again in 1921.  Because of their age, there is a wide range in condition that effects their value.  They also do not have the purity of the American Eagle silver dollar coins.  If you are looking at Morgan Silver Dollars, be aware that there have been reports of counterfeit Morgans made in China appearing on the American market.

Silver and gold are looked at as hedges against rising inflation.  Silver, like gold, has never been worth very little.  Silver investors are now moving to coins as a way to invest in small amounts of silver.

When considering silver instead of gold, it’s even more important to buy from a reputable dealer who will instruct you on the quality, the care and the details of silver coins.  Silver coins are typically less liquid than gold.  Silver is a specialty product and when selling it, it is critical to know the terms and conditions of the dealer.

Gold and silver’s price rise has brought a lot of unproven buyers and sellers to the marketplace.  Always be aware of the spot price of silver and the amount you are asked to pay over that.  A reputable dealer will be completely honest and transparent about the weight of the coin you are considering, as well as the purity, the condition and the value.

Investing in silver coins is fun and exciting, just approach it with care.

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