Why I love Precious Metals Varieties

by Hannah on June 4, 2013 0 Comments

Yes, I have gold on the brain but the fact is I love all precious metals varieties. Silver, check. Platinum, double check. While all precious metals are as old as the earth, my love is of this century. Not only do I think baubles made of precious metals are beautiful, I also love adding precious metals varieties to my overall investment strategy so I can plan on kicking backed stop working at some point during my life.

I am not unique, I too know that cash is king and always try to have some assets such as paper currency and silver coins on hand in case of a financial emergency. What I love about collecting precious metals varieties most? Their value is based on weight (IE 1 oz gold is the unit for quoting gold prices) and that means I can hold copious amounts of wealth in the palm of my hand. Something about that makes me feel so empowered both in the now and in regards to my future.

Precious metals varieties are so darn pretty. As an average American gal I have seen countless movies and shows where women are decked to the nines in pounds of jewelry crafted from precious metals varieties. Whether the precious metal variety was used as a symbol of love or simply as a status symbol I will always equate owning precious metal varieties to glamour and hope.

My last reason for why I love precious metals varieties is probably the most logical, value and increasing market share. Historically gold prices, silver prices, platinum prices, and the prices of all precious metals varieties have increased over time. My belief is that regardless of the precious metals varieties in question, the value of the investments will only increase in the future. I am sure my love for the precious metals varieties will grow as well.

How a Silver Coin Price is Generated

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Coin collecting is a favorite pastime of numismatics and investors, and each has a different approach to their hobby. It is those two different views of buying silver that help generate a silver coin price.

A numismatic interested in buying silver will view a silver coin price very differently from an investor.  While the weight of a precious metal is one factor that can help determine a silver coin price coin collectors look at other factors to determine a coin’s worth. The silver coin condition, rarity and if there were any minting mistakes can help raise silver coin prices to levels beyond comprehension. It is for those reasons and the belief that this was the first coin made by the United States Mint that a rare, 1794 silver dollar recently sold at auction for a whopping $10 million (NBC.com).

When it comes to silver investments, a silver coin price tends to be a bit more straightforward as the silver weight in relation to current silver prices are the main factor. Investors only look at silver and other precious metals as a means to an end; hedging bets against economic losses. For this niche, it doesn't really matter much the story behind the silver coin, as chances are the investor is only buying the coin for its bulk silver value.

Prior to the distinction between the two types of silver buyers, precious metals were used in coin manufacturing for hundreds of years. However, when market updates revealed rising silver prices, the silver weight of the silver coins started to be more valuable than the legal tender amount of silver coins’ face value. It was when that silver price increased. the US mint stopped minting silver coins that contained 90 percent silver and switched to a sandwiched coin forged of copper and silver. Quarters, dimes silver dollars and half dollars resembling the nation’s present currency but marked with a date of 1965, are popular between the two type of coin collector as they have all the potential features that can help generate a fair silver coin price.

Insider’s tip - How to buy gold

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The soaring price of gold has led a lot of new customers to the gold marketplace. They are often uninformed and inexperienced and do not know what you need to know to purchase gold. The media often makes it seem like all you have to do to invest in gold is to buy it, hold it and sell it. You have to search for the information to find out what is important to consider when you purchase gold. People who want to purchase gold should realize that although it is fun, it is also a serious investment.

Gold has always had value. Throughout history, man has loved gold and used it for decoration, for religious purposes and as money. Because of the high value placed on small amounts of gold, it is the perfect material to be made into easily carried coins of various denominations.

The mystique of gold runs deep in human civilizations. People set off on wild adventures in search of gold, whole new areas were developed once gold was discovered, and armies invaded in search of treasures.

To educate yourself in the details of gold, there are some very useful websites. http://bullionsupermarket.com/GOLD/Newsoffers information, opinions and comments. At any moment you can read about gold in China, the rise and fall in prices, how the debt limit will effect the marketplace and other fascinating stories. It also offers a chart tracking the price of gold and has different marketplace alerts.

Another site,http://mintnewsblog.comoffers information on products provided by the US Mint. This is particularly valuable because of the unquestioned reliability of the US Mint. The information here is highly detailed and is broken down to individual coins allowing you to truly find out information about a specific coin you are interested in.

Purchasing gold can be the best investment you ever make, but you have to be a smart buyer and know exactly what you are looking for.

Invest in Gold and Dream of Retirement

by Hannah on May 10, 2013 0 Comments

I am officially “Middle Aged Man.” Okay, so I am a woman and that was a Mike Myers’ skit on SNL, but it is true. I have been on earth long enough to see gold prices fluctuate, follow market updates and to commit myself to my goal of retiring. That is why I invest in gold today so I can kick back for good in around twenty years. Any spring chicken reading this may think to themselves that twenty years is a lifetime, but it is not. It is only one block of time and those years can help make today’s gold bullion into tomorrow’s nest egg.

Today’s gold prices are off the charts, the market update at the time I wrote this indicated that 1 oz gold is valued at over $1,650. Yup, that is pricey, but twenty years ago (circa 1993) 1 oz gold sold for about $360 per 1 oz gold. That shows an increase of over 358 percent for the precious metal. While there is no way to make a gold prediction, if history repeats, today’s $1,650 buying gold activity could potentially grow to nearly $6,000 (per 1 oz gold).

Okay, so that gold prediction may be over zealous, but only time will tell. Despite my fantasy, I still think investing in gold is going to help me inch closer to retirement and my official golden years. Since I live on a very tight budget, I have to methodically save in order to buy gold, buy silver or any other precious metal. However, as Middle Aged Man I know that a new pair of shoes or a designer frock will not provide me with the security (both financially and emotionally) provided by investing in gold or a silver investment.

My gut also tells me that trusting the government to pay me Social Security benefits when the time comes is a less secure option that preparing for my retirement myself. That is why I am committed to saving every penny I have in order to buy gold. For years I have heard that adding gold coins and gold bullion to their arsenal on wealth building tools will help me achieve my goals.The fact is, I am not an alarmist nor do I make frivolous decisions. While I adore The Walking Dead I do not believe that zombies are going to take over the world and therefore do not have a hoarding for the apocalypse mentality. The fact is acquiring, maintaining and building wealth will allow me to enjoy my golden years and buying gold is part of the equation. Wherever I can find that extra money being wasted in my budget, it is now being used to save, in order to buy gold and build a nest egg.

Silver Dollar Coins Fascinate Investors

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Silver dollar coins fascinate investors looking for a cheaper coin investment than gold.  Many are betting on the hope that silver will wildly increase in value to $50 or higher.  Investors looking to buy silver dollar coins should consider The Silver American Eagles.  This is the only silver bullion coin guaranteed by the U.S. Government.

The confirmation of its weight, purity and content makes it a safe choice compared to privately minted coins.  You will have to pay a premium, but the guaranteed price of the American Eagle silver dollar coins is worth the peace of mind.

Morgan Silver Dollars were minted from 1878 to 1904 and then again in 1921.  Because of their age, there is a wide range in condition that effects their value.  They also do not have the purity of the American Eagle silver dollar coins.  If you are looking at Morgan Silver Dollars, be aware that there have been reports of counterfeit Morgans made in China appearing on the American market.

Silver and gold are looked at as hedges against rising inflation.  Silver, like gold, has never been worth very little.  Silver investors are now moving to coins as a way to invest in small amounts of silver.

When considering silver instead of gold, it’s even more important to buy from a reputable dealer who will instruct you on the quality, the care and the details of silver coins.  Silver coins are typically less liquid than gold.  Silver is a specialty product and when selling it, it is critical to know the terms and conditions of the dealer.

Gold and silver’s price rise has brought a lot of unproven buyers and sellers to the marketplace.  Always be aware of the spot price of silver and the amount you are asked to pay over that.  A reputable dealer will be completely honest and transparent about the weight of the coin you are considering, as well as the purity, the condition and the value.

Investing in silver coins is fun and exciting, just approach it with care.

My Husband is Talking About Buying Gold Bullion

by Hannah on April 23, 2013 0 Comments

For some time now, my husband and I have been talking about expanding our retirement plan to include precious metals. Specifically, we’re been talking about buying gold bullion. Why gold bullion and not silver or another metal? Well, it seems to us, based on the research that we’ve done and the investment advisors that we’ve talked with, that gold is the metal that holds its value through both good and bad times.
One of the reasons that we’re been considering buying gold bullion is because of the current fiscal mess here in the U.S. It seems like the politicians are always arguing and not doing a whole lot and the experts keep talking about a recession. According to what we’ve read, gold holds its value through a recession and, if it comes down to it, can be used as currency.
Another reason we’re talking about buying gold bullion is because of what’s happening around the world. The news anchors and reporters keep talking about the political instability in all of these different countries, Europe is having money troubles, and there are wars and fighting happening all over. Who knows where all of this will lead? So buying gold bullion makes sense, right now, because it will protect us if things get really bad on an international level.
My husband and I have been reading lots of articles about buying gold bullion – arguments both for and against it – at Bullion Vault (http://goldnews.bullionvault.com/) and it sure seems like gold bullion is the right purchase for us. We have the money saved up and we can afford to buy both gold bullion bars and gold bullion coins. We’re going to have our gold bullion shipped to us and store it in our home safe, for now, but we may end-up moving some of it to safety deposit box at some point. For now, though, we want to take physical possession of the metal when we’re buying gold bullion.
We’ve also been trying to decide which company we’ll be buying gold bullion from. I honestly had no idea that there were so many companies selling precious metals on the Internet. We’ve been looking at factors like the pricing, availability, shipping costs, and variety of gold bullion options. We have also looked at the reputation of the companies and how long they’ve been in business, because we only want to deal with an established company. All of this keeps bringing us back to a company called Merit Gold. They have a lot of options, their prices are excellent, and they’ve been in business since 1986.
So after much discussion and research, my husband and I will be buying gold bullion from Merit Gold.